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A Texas Family Reunites With their Dog That Had Been Missing For Seven Years, And They Also Adopt His Best Friend

The Montez family of Texas had given up hope of ever locating their dog Corky. He’d been gone for seven years, and there hadn’t been a single piece of news concerning him throughout the entire time. So when the Humane Society of North Texas contacted them to say they had recovered their pet, they were all in shock.


Corky had a microchip, and the data was still being updated. However, his owners were quickly contacted by the shelter workers.

The family raced to the shelter to see whether the dog was their long-lost companion. And when they arrived, all of their doubts vanished. Even though the dog had grown up, they could still identify him. And, to my surprise, the dog knew them as well.

It wasn’t simply Corky who accompanied them when the family returned home that day.

Dog with one eye

Corky wasn’t alone when he was discovered roaming along a busy roadway. He was wandering about with a one-eyed dog, and the two appeared to be attached. They were constantly together in the shelter. They hated to be separated from one other and would make a scene if they were separated.

When the Montez family found out about this, they jumped at the chance to adopt the wounded dog. So they gave him the name Captain and brought him home the same day. And they’re delighted they did.

New beginnings

The two dogs are delighted in their new surroundings. They do everything jointly, as planned. They sleep together, and Corky will even let Captain eat first while standing before his greatest buddy. This might have been a habit they picked up while living on the streets.

Corky may have been shielding Captain due to his injuries.

But all of it is in the past. The two fortunate canines now have a loving family that cares for them, and they are secure in their new home.

Source: Humane Society of North Texas viaFacebook

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  1. What a lovely story. Sometimes I think I prefer dogs to a lot of humans. ????

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