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For The Past Six Years, a Mexican Man Has Traveled Over His Country With a Cart, Saving Homeless Dogs

Edgardo Zuniga Juarez may be the epitome of a dog lover. People started naming this altruistic man Edgardo Perros because he is dedicated to rescuing pets. Dogs are referred to as perros in Spanish.

Edgardo has spent the last six years trekking hundreds of kilometers along Mexico’s border, rescuing stray puppies along the way. According to the kind dog lover, he has already assisted in the rehoming of 400 to 500 canines.

Back and forth

Edgardo is from the tiny Mexican town of Bucerias. He has always adored dogs and wished to do something significant for them. So, when he thought of wandering about and doing anything he could to rescue stray animals, he devised a strategy and put it into action.

His first step was to get a cart to transport all of his necessities. Then he charted his path. The goal was to travel along the country’s borders until he arrived in his hometown.

Then, without fanfare, he embarked on his epic quest. He was accompanied by his three rescue dogs, Negro, Blanco, and Chilletas.

Edgardo takes food for the dogs and feeds any stray he encounters along the road. Many of them flock to him, and the kind guy looks after them until he can find someone to adopt them.

Above and beyond assistance

He occasionally encounters dogs who are already beyond help. Yet, all he can do with his limited resources is soothe them till they die.

Thankfully, many people have pitched in to assist Edgardo care for these terrible creatures. In addition, many people have donated his money and resources to help him continue his fantastic job.

He says he has no intentions to stop rescuing dogs whenever he returns to his homeland. His next step will be to the big cities, where the number of street dogs is considerably higher.

Hopefully, Edgardo will receive even more help to impact many more people’s lives.

Source: Stuart Williams ViaYoutube

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