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A Puppy With Multiple Health Issues Was Scheduled For Euthanasia Until a Caring Woman Rescued Him And Gave Him The Life He Deserved.

Many puppies are born sickly as a result of irresponsible breeding practices. Unfortunately, many puppies are euthanized because breeders cannot sell them. It’s heartbreaking to think these puppies’ lives are cut short because they were born differently.
Toby, a Shih Tzu cross Yorkie puppy, almost died before he could live. Toby weighed only 1.5 pounds when he was born. He also had many health issues that prevented him from walking and necessitated using a customized wheelchair.
Toby also had hydrocephalus, which impacted his mobility, vision, and coordination, to name a few. This happened because Toby’s mother was bred when she was sick. As a result, Toby’s owners wanted him to be put down.
Fortunately, Toby’s story reached Kit De Roche, the president and founder of an animal rescue organization called Florida Yorkie Rescue. Kit believes that all living things deserve a second chance, and she wants Toby to have the life he deserves despite his difficulties.
Kit took Toby into her care, where he received all the love he deserved. He received physical therapy to help him with his mobility, and he even received a custom-built wheelchair to help him discover the joys of walking and running. Because Toby is a particular case, Kit eventually decides to adopt him and make him a member of her family.
Despite his health issues, Toby is happy and thriving in his new home. It demonstrates that euthanasia isn’t always the best option for dogs like Toby. They can still live a good life if they have love and patience. Toby’s story eventually went viral, touching many people’s hearts. Here’s a touching video about Toby and how he overcame his obstacles thanks to a generous woman who gave him a second chance.

Video Source GeoBeats Animals via?YouTube

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