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After Sleeping On The Complex And Cold Ground For The Majority Of His Life, Stray Pup Now Has His Bed.

Sunny is a six-month-old homeless dog who lives in an abandoned lot near a busy road in Bali. He slept on the ground because he had no roof over his head.

The scrawny pup has had a miserable and lonely life; if he hadn’t received assistance, he would have continued to be so for the rest of his life.

According to witnesses, the small dog has been hit several times by various vehicles but has escaped with only minor injuries thus far. Fortunately, a non-profit dog rescue organization took an interest in the pup and took him off the streets.

The puppy had previously been the subject of several rescues. However, because he was afraid of people, he would usually flee whenever he sensed someone approaching him. This made any rescue efforts risky because the dog could run into traffic and be killed.

Bali Rescue Dog Squad, an animal charity organization, decided to take it slowly and earn the dog’s trust first. Rescuers patiently waited from a safe distance, attempting to acclimate the puppy to their presence. They provided him with food and water.

The dog gradually relaxed around them, and after three days, Sunny approached them. Finally, the puppy agreed to be carried and placed inside their vehicle by one of them.

Sunny was taken to the organization’s facility, where he was cleaned up, fed, and given a safe and comfortable place to rest. But, of course, they had to fatten him up first before putting him up for adoption. As a result, the puppy quickly gained weight and, more significantly, learned to trust people.

Sunny was adopted a few weeks after being taken off the streets and is now living happily with his forever family.

Source: STRAY PAWS viaYoutube

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