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A Paramedic In Pennsylvania Responds To An Emergency And Adopts A Dog Left Behind.

Courtney Ivan works as an emergency responder for Elite EMS. Their team provides emergency services to Mercer County residents in Pennsylvania and is frequently called for critical cases that require immediate attention. But unfortunately, they never know when a call will come in or what will happen.

Elite EMS has numerous times saved the lives of the people they serve. Unfortunately, it is not possible to save the person in distress on occasion. They have one case where they may not have saved a man’s life, but they gave his dog a second chance at life.

Shortly after the firefighters, Courtney and her team responded to an emergency call one day. According to the medical responders, the man was dead, and a dog was inside the house. They were warned that the pet was aggressive and avoided people.

Courtney is at ease around dogs of all breeds as a volunteer for the local Humane Society. Because of this, she knows how to approach them. The Australian Cattle dog’s pet must have sensed this because she showed no signs of aggression when the brave paramedic came gently.

She was very friendly and even let Courtney touch and hug her.


After transporting the body to a morgue, the responders informed the man’s family of his death. They also stated that he had left a dog behind. Nobody knew the deceased man had a dog, and no one wanted to take it. They suggested that the dog be euthanized.

Courtney, as a dog lover, couldn’t let that happen. So she brought the homeless dog with them. She discussed it with the rest of the crew, and they agreed to foster the dog. They already had a dog in their office; having another wouldn’t hurt.

The dog eventually became so attached to them that they made her a permanent team member.

Source and pictures: ELITE EMS via Facebook

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