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A Pregnant And Paralyzed Dachshund Is Rescued And Loved After Being Abandoned By Her Owners.

Dachshunds are more likely to require a cesarean section or c-section if the mother and her unborn child are in danger. It isn’t easy to get a youngster through the mom dog’s tiny pelvis due to this breed’s huge head ratio in contrast to their body size. The procedure typically costs roughly $3,000.
Consider Maria’s predicament as a pregnant dachshund breed. Because she has fleas, she appears to have been mistreated by her former owners. Rescuers also noticed scars on her body, and she was paralyzed. Her owners most likely abandoned her owing to the expensive expenditures of her present condition.
Rescuers saw her dragging herself through the streets and realized she was in labor. Maria needs an emergency cesarean section.
The dog was sent to Friends of Emma (FOE), a medical rescue group that offers essential and necessary treatment for animals suffering from uncommon conditions. They assisted Maria in having seven healthy puppies delivered through a cesarean section on August 4, 2014 – four males and three girls.
Maria’s lovely pups were treated like kings and queens! The rescue group referred to them as “The Von Dapp Family.”
Despite her grave situation, the mama dog recovered from her operation. The team, however, was unable to restore her crippled legs. As a result, she will probably definitely need assistance walking.
They made the fast decision to place The Von Dapp Family for adoption. Hundreds of applications for the seven lovely infants eventually flooded in. They’ve finally found their everlasting homes.
Maria, on the other hand, has effectively recovered from her tragic background. She, too, spent a few weeks at the shelter before finding her final home.
Maria’s story teaches us that no matter how horrible the situation appears, there is always a way out. She would not have endured as much if her owners had been able to seek help. Instead, Maria is living her best life with her new permanent family.


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