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Snoop Dogg, The Rapper, Has Offered To Adopt Snoop, An Abandoned Dog.

Their owners are abandoning a growing number of dogs. While we may not understand why seeing dogs left is heartbreaking. We would gladly aid all of them if we could.
A CCTV camera recorded terrible images of an abandoned puppy just days before Christmas. In Stoke-on-Trent, England, a car was parked on the side of the road—a man with a dog on a leash evacuated this car.
He then dropped the dog and rushed towards the automobile. The unfortunate puppy pursued the vehicle, but the driver looked indifferent. It was a horrible sight to see.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (also known as the RSPCA), a British animal protection organization, called it “terrible behavior.” They identified the dog as a Staffordshire bull terrier and dubbed him Snoop.
Snoop’s video went viral, touching the hearts of millions of people across the world. As a consequence, Snoop received hundreds of adoption offers. Andrew Neil, Sue Perkins, and even Snoop Dog were the celebs who expressed interest in adopting Snoop. Likewise, his narrative enthralled a large number of people.
Snoop Dogg, the rapper, is a significant fan of dogs. So, he immediately provided Snoop with a new and loving home. He even remarked that there is always room for a new dog in his house, called “Casa de Snoop.”
Despite his troubled history, Snoop has managed to stay happy. At the RSPCA, he rapidly gained a lot of friends. Rachel Butler, the Regional Manager, enjoys him as well. She uploaded a photo of herself with Snoop, questioning how anybody could heartlessly dump such a sweet puppy.
Before Snoop can be adopted, the RSPCA says the inquiry must be finished. Snoop must also be analyzed to find the best living situation for him. The RSPCA is grateful to the millions of individuals who shared Snoop’s story with the rest of the globe.

Source and picture: The Sun

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