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After Six Months, An Injured Dog Living In An a Apartment Complex Was Finally Rescued.

Maggie, a homeless dog, spent six months in an apartment complex. Nobody knew where she came from, but they were confident she was from another area. She most likely had a previous owner before ending up on the streets.
Penny and Jinny’s husbands were among the helpful neighbors who cared for the puppy. They brought her water and food daily and provided her with a seat beneath a tree to rest. They also gave her a bed so she could sleep peacefully at night.
On the other hand, Maggie needs more than simply water, food, and a bed. She required emergency medical assistance since she had an old collar stuck in her neck and torso. She was in tremendous agony but was too afraid to seek treatment.
While Penny and Jinny could get near Maggie, they could not secure her. They attempted to apprehend her more than a dozen times before deciding to seek assistance. The couple didn’t expect anybody to reply immediately, but A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue did.
The lead rescuer, Danny Spanks, worked diligently to earn Maggie’s confidence. While observing her routine, he provided her with delectable goodies. Finally, he demonstrated that she could trust him and never gave her reason to be afraid of him.
Every move taken by the rescuer was made with extreme caution. He didn’t want to frighten the dog or miss his chance to save her. He failed when he attempted to use a snare, but he was successful when he tried a different strategy. He waited until she entered a smaller space and then encircled it once she was inside.
The following day, the young puppy went to the vet, and everyone was relieved when the doctor reported her wounds were pretty minor. She was fortunate that the inserted collar did not endanger her life. She was especially luckier since she didn’t have to wait long to be placed in a home.
Maggie is now completely pain-free. She’s content and healthy and knows she wouldn’t be where she is now without Penny, Jinny, and Danny. She will be eternally thankful for everything they have done for her.

Credits and picture: A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

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