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A Paralyzed Dog Rescued In Thailand Is Now An Advocate For Disabled Animals.

Frida was a stray dog in Thailand. Her back legs were immobilized as a result of her horrific injuries. However, Frida was saved from her deplorable environment by two beautiful individuals, and she is now living her best life while advocating for disadvantaged animals.

In Thailand, a stray puppy.

Dr. Lisa Chong initially saw Frida in Thailand in December 2018. After dinner, Lisa and her friend Tara Austin were headed back to their hotel when they saw a street dog pull its body across the street.

The two women immediately felt sympathy for the poor dog. However, they couldn’t bear leaving the dog there, so they called a taxi and took her to the vet.

Lisa wasn’t sure about the dog’s condition until the vet told her she had back injuries that affected her bowel and bladder. Her back legs were also paralyzed as a result of her injuries.

Lisa looked after the dog, Frida, while she was in Thailand. But, on the other hand, Lisa believed that Frida would have better treatment options in the United States. So Lisa made all the necessary arrangements to bring Frida to California.

Frida has a new life.

Frida’s life improved dramatically while she was in Lisa’s care. The dog underwent physical therapy, which included underwater treadmill exercises and swimming. Frida became more mobile as a result, yet she could still walk alone.

Lisa considered pet prosthetics as a last resort for Frida. However, when she met Derrick Campana, she immediately had Frida fitted for custom pet prosthetics. As a result, Frida began walking on her own with her “brand new paws.”

Lisa had a lot of epiphanies while caring for Frida, a handicapped dog. If she hadn’t met the dog, she believes her life might have turned out very differently. While caring for a crippled animal might be challenging, Frida showed her that it could also be rewarding.

Lisa founded the Frida Project with the help of her friend Tara. The project aims to help disabled animals while educating people about their plight.

The tale of Frida is very inspirational. She would have perished if she had stayed in Thailand, but thanks to Lisa and Tara, she began to thrive. Her experience exemplifies how dogs rely on us the same way we depend on them. And if we assist them, the world will be a far better place for all of us.

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