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When He lived With a Foster Family, a Depressed Hospice Dog Began to Come Back To Life.

Henry, a 16-year-old dog, was given to a shelter by his owner. He had various health concerns, including one-eyed blindness and hearing. On top of that, he got cancer.

Henry had little hope of living a happy and loving life in a shelter. But, in a fortunate turn of events, Zach Skow, the charitable group Marley’s Mutts in California, came to the protection and recognized him. Zach was a regular foster parent who frequented shelters searching for dogs to foster and rehome.

Zach noticed Henry looking perplexed as a shelter worker attempted to take him on a stroll. When he discovered the fundamental nature of Henry’s medical condition, he wasted no time in getting him out of there. He didn’t know how much time the dog had left, but he was determined to shower him with affection for the rest of his days.

When they reached home, Henry was exhausted and didn’t appear to want to get out of the car. Zach could tell that even the slightest movement was causing him anguish. As he came to believe that Henry’s future was gloomy, he could only give gentle and reassuring words.

Henry awoke aware and looked to be doing better, much to everyone’s amazement. He grew significantly perkier after recovering from the excision of his testicular cancer.

Henry grew more active by the day. He was usually happy to see Zach and would follow him around. First, he began going up and down the steps. Then he started doing tiny gallops until they became a complete circuit run around the yard.

Henry needs the love of a family to motivate him to live longer. Zach found him a family that did precisely that.

Henry is still enjoying a wonderful life in California with his new family.

Credits and pictures:The Dodo

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