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A Dog Was Trapped Inside A Well In India. When She Sees A Rescuer Approaching, She Squeals With Delight.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India is one of the largest nonprofit rescue organizations in the country. Many people contact them whenever a dog is in desperate need of assistance, such as when they receive a report about a dog who had fallen into a deep well in a village outside of Udaipur.

One of the residents, who was walking near a densely forested property, heard the agonizing howls of a dog. He looked around and discovered an old well not filled with water. He looked down and noticed a black dog walking around the wet floor of the well.

Because there were so many plants around the hole in the ground, the dog probably didn’t notice it. However, he contacted Animal Aid Unlimited in India because he lacked the necessary skills and equipment to retrieve the dog. The rescue organization immediately dispatched a team.

When the men arrived, the dog began to bark at them. The terrified dog was relieved to see the rescuers and called out to them. The men then assessed the situation and devised a plan.

One of the rescuers bravely volunteered to go down. They strapped him into a secure harness and tied a rope to it. He was then gently lowered into the well. The brave rescuer carefully avoided the jagged rocks protruding from the wall.

The trapped dog realized he was being saved once he touched the ground. She began to whimper in relief and joy. The man then wrapped the dog in a blanket and motioned the rest of the team to pull them out.

When they arrived at the well’s mouth, one rescuer took the dog from the man carrying her and placed the stray on the ground. They then began to calm her down. But unfortunately, the dog started whimpering as they petted her head and rubbed her body.

The dog, named Ruby, was brought to the shelter. She will remain there until they find her a new home.

Source and Pictures: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via Youtube

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