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A Dog Has Been Missing Since August 2021. Finally, he has Been Found And Reunited With His Owner.

Some missing dogs are simply unlucky. This includes a dog named Russ. He’d been missing since August last year and was only found last month. Russ was discovered while enduring the bitter cold of the winter season.
Russ was separated from his owner four months before his rescue during the Caldor Fire, ravaging the Lake Tahoe area in California. Russ has reunited with his beloved owner thanks to Good Samaritans.
Wendy Jones, the director of an animal organization, Tahoe PAWS, was notified about a dog roaming Twin Peaks on December 16, 2021. The dog, later identified as Russ, was growling at the people who came across him. The poor dog had become entrapped in the snow.
Wendy eventually managed to enlist the assistance of volunteers to retrieve the dog. The volunteers used snowshoes and rescue equipment to track the dog down the mountain and find him under a tree. Fortunately, Russ was still alive when he was discovered.
Russ was then loaded onto the sled by the volunteers. One volunteer even warmed and soothed the frightened dog. Then, because it was already dark, the rescue team moved slowly but steadily down the mountain.
Russ was scanned for a microchip by animal control officers. Luckily, the puppy had one. The officers then tracked down Russ’ owner, who lived in Riverside County.
When Russ’ owner was contacted, he was surprised and overjoyed to learn that his long-lost pup was still alive. Russ and his humans have since been reunited, according to Tahoe PAWS.
Russ’ story should serve as a reminder to pet owners of the importance of microchipping. According to Tahoe PAWS, pet owners must contact local animal services if their pets go missing.

Image Source: Tahoe PAWS via?Facebook

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