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4 Simple Tips To Take The Perfect Picture Of Your Dog

It can be challenging to make the perfect dog photo.

Several things can be done to improve the quality of your photos. Having a good camera is always a good startprofessional pet and animal photographers comment.

It is from them that I took some tips to achieve excellent dog photographs.


1- Let your dog get familiar with the camera

Let the Dog smell or lick it. Hold the camera below him to make it less intimidating. Reward him with small prizes when he gets close to the camera and shows interest. But remember to protect the lens from saliva using a filter.


2- Get your dog to enjoy the moment

An easy way is to take the dog for a quick run or tug on a toy. Have them chase you around your backyard or have a short play session. They love to play and will likely flash you a huge smile after settling down.

puppy photography

3- Make use of the tricks they are familiar with

For example, does your dog know how to wallow? If so, take a picture of him while he is lying on his back. Practice his resting position while taking portraits. He will be attentive to you waiting for a prize or an order. This is what will allow you to establish good eye contact.

Also, think about the words and sounds your dog responds to. Or you can only mention your dog name, or you can get him to bark.


4- Change your camera perspective and have fun

Get on your dogs level and take pictures from different angles for more interesting shots. Take photos from above, below, in front, behind. Use your creativity to produce additional images that highlight your favorite parts of your dog from different perspectives.

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