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Tips. What to do if your puppy plays a little too rough.

Once home, while your puppy may know how to play with their siblings, they should learn to play with you and the family members. They must learn that your skin is more sensitive, more so the childs skin. So here are some tips:


For a start, you should act like their play buddy. If you notice they are biting hard, just remove your hand and stop playing momentarily. Dont punish them. First, they will not understand the reason why they are being punished they were just playing, and, second, puppies have a hard time controlling themselves when they are overexcited. If they are well-educated, they will learn to control themselves as they grow.


Dog trainers indicate timing is very important, that is, the moment the fun is over. Play time should shop when your dog bites hard. If you stop them when they are not rough enough, and you allow them to continue when they are rough, you will be giving conflicting messages. For this reason, if you are training your dog, you should do it and not let a child take over since the child will not be capable of controlling strength or time.

puppy playing


Apart from your hands, you can also use a toy your puppy likes to play with them. In this way, your puppy does not think that your hands are the only playing point. Instead, and if you resort to a toy, your puppy will play and bit the toy. If your pet bites your hand while playing, you should say NO and naturally stop playing. Here, managing time is very important.


Training sessions should not be that long. First, because the attention span of the puppy varies and diminishes. Second, if the puppy becomes too overexcited, you should help them calm down. Your pap may not be able to control themselves. So, if they are unable to, you should speak to them gently, pat them on the top of the head and try giving them a gentle rub behind the ears. This should definitely work!


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