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Adorable Dog Has The Best Time Visiting The Dolphins In An Aquarium

When you look at the ocean, there is something definitely interesting and intriguing about it. Maybe it’s because we dont know a whole lot about the mysterious world below. While we don’t always get to see how the ocean looks like underwater, we do get a glimpse of it when we visit aquariums.

Both kids and adults love aquariums because they allow you to see the beautiful world that exists below those waves. But would you believe that its not just us humans who enjoy watching the ocean and all its marine life? Dogs get fascinated by the big blue sea too.

Take the dog in this story for example. Kevin is a precious little golden retriever from Florida who has become quite a fan of watching beautiful things and creatures underwater.

When the furry pooch visited Clearwater Marine Aquarium, he was so amazed when he got to explore the different exhibits. Being so excited, he even made a few new friends!

Kevin the pet influencer

Kevin, being a pet influencer on Instagram, is known for having a huge hat collection that he showcases every time he goes out on a special outing. The very fashionable canine has a favorite hat that he usually wears out of all the other hats in his wide collection.

His most favorite hat is a duck hat, and that is exactly what he wore on his trip to the aquarium. Fortunately, it turned out that the aquarium was a great place for Kevin to show off his ducky hat. That’s because there was another resident in the aquarium who was a big duck fan as well. It was an adorable dolphin named Winter.

Kevin enjoyed his time meeting Winter and he also got to swim in the aquarium too. What a lucky dog!

Check out Kevin’s lovely trip to the aquarium in the video below.

Source: Clearwater Marine Aquarium via Youtube

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