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Young Girl’s Tantrum Is Brought Under Control By A Comforting Dog

Pet owners know that their canines cannot describe how they feel. Dogs will show their innermost feelings through their actions.

Dogs would wag their tails more rapidly when they are feeling enthusiastic. Slow tail wagging may indicate the animal is concerned and watchful of its surroundings.

The movement of their ears can also convey something. If it is standing, it indicates that dogs are alert and active. Your dogs may also be fearful of something or someone if they are crouched down.

As humans, we can easily communicate our thoughts through both actions and words. We can smile, giggle, or even laugh when we are happy. When we are excited, our eyes will glitter and sparkle. When we are in agony, we cry.

Aside from these, we can also express our thoughts by using our words. Speaking makes it easy for us to express our thoughts, motives, and emotions to others.

In an amusing video shared on the internet, a young child was wailing her heart out due to her temper outbursts. This is often normal for a child, especially one who still does not understand emotions yet and cannot express them as adults do.

The child’s dog showed her concern for the crying child by giving her a simple embrace. The dog could not understand why the child was crying uncontrollably, but she comforted the little kid by giving her a warm embrace.

Occasionally, we can extend a helping hand without speaking and make the appropriate gesture. This is just what the dog did, and his hug helped the child stop crying.

Dooey, a Corgi, was called “Tantrum Stopper” because he usually comforts the little girl when she has tantrums. Simply by hugging the small child, the kid will ultimately stop sobbing.

Source: gstrou86

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