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A Family Dog Leads Rescuers To The Location Of A Missing Toddler Who Has Been Missing For Nine Hours.

Mason Ryan’s family adopted Banjo when he was just a year old. The dog was rescued from a shelter and delivered to the family’s house in Henry County, Virginia. The infant boy grew increasingly close to their pet as he grew older.

Mason was three years old when he became separated from his family due to an accident.

Dad’s example

The terrifying incident occurred on a late April day. Mason’s father, Blake, had to leave the house to complete a task. They assumed the youngster was heading to his room, but he got outside and attempted to follow his father. Unfortunately, he was already in his car and drove away.

Nobody knew what occurred after the minor child left home, but they believe he watched the automobile go and tried to follow it. He traveled a long distance, and when his mother looked for him, he was nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, Mason was being followed by Banjo.

Rescue And Search

Mason’s mother, distraught because her kid had gone missing, phoned her husband and the police. After a short time, word spread that a youngster had gone out, and a large crowd gathered to assist in the search. They split up into groups and headed into the neighboring woods.

No one stopped looking for the youngster for the following nine hours. It was already dark, and they had no idea how he was doing alone.

Then, at about three a.m., one of the groups heard a dog barking continuously. They followed the sound and discovered Banjo. The tiny dog then escorted Mason.

As it turned out, the dog never left the toddler’s side. And when he heard the people, he went straight to them.

Mason was rushed to the hospital for treatment of scrapes on his body. After that, the child traveled barefoot for several kilometers. And, due to their pet, he was discovered before anything wrong could happen.

Source: WSLS 10 via Youtube

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