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Why Losing a Dog May be More Challenging Than Losing a Relative or Friend

If someone who never saw a dog is grieving the loss of an animal, they probably think it is all a bit overreactive; it’s just a dog after all. However, those who love a dog know the truth: your animal is never only a dog. The loss of a dog for most people is comparable to the loved one’s loss in nearly every way.


The principal reason is: dogs give us unconditional love.


Perhaps one reason for our dogs’ involvement is that dogs provide us with unconditional, uncritical, positive feedback.

The people respond to this unskilled affection, help, and loyalty positively. When you look at dogs, people can smile.

The dog owners are better off than those who own cats or no animals on average and are happier.

It is not surprising that if they are gone, the dog owners are so missing them.

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The loss of a dog is so painful that owners don’t lose only the animal.

It can be a loss of a primary companion, a source of unconditional love for safety and comfort.

An owner’s daily routine could also be more seriously disturbed by a dog loss than most friends and relatives’ loss.

Every day for owners even their holiday plans are focus on the needs of their animals.

Some of the primary sources of stress are lifestyle and routine changes.


While a dog’s death is horrific, dog owners have become so accustomed to their canine companions reassuring and unjudgmental presence that they will get a new one most often.


I miss my dog, then, yeah. But in the coming years, I’m

Sure, I’ll go through this awful situation again.

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