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Dog With A Shattered Face Goes Into Surgery And Finds A New Loving Home

Lets Adopt International is an animal rescue organization in Spain that specializes in extreme cases. So when the team heard that someone found an injured dog in the countryside, they wasted no time. The organizations founder, Viktor Larkhill, quickly assembled his team and responded.

All the rescuers worked double-time to search for the dog. They learned that the poor animal had horrific injuries, and its crucial that she receive urgent medical attention. And a few minutes later, they found Duna.

Dunas appearance stunned the rescuers. She had infected wounds, and flies had started to thrive in her body. More so, she had a broken jaw that exposed her bones.

Viktor admitted they have never seen anything like Duna. They didnt know whether the dog would make it or not. Nevertheless, they promised to give her the best care.

Once at the hospital, the vets immediately cleaned and disinfected Dunas wounds. They also gave her a quick bath to remove the flies from her wound and the fleas from her body. Later on, they examined her and did a CT scan to see the extent of her injuries.

Duna was in deep pain, so the doctors made sure to ease her discomfort. Throughout the procedure, the dog was calm and trusting. She knew she was safe under the expert care of the vet team.


Her recovery took a very long time, but Duna wanted to live, so she fought for her life. As soon as Lets Adopt International raised enough funds, the dog underwent surgeries. In total, she had eight operations, and they were all successful.

Its been half a year since Dunas rescue. Shes still at the hospital, waiting for her medical clearance. But as soon as the doctors discharge her, shed be joining her new family. Duna found her happy ever after.

Credits to Viktor Larkhill

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  1. I adore each furbaby in my life.
    I also groom and enjoy 24/7 companionship with [ESA] membership. So much shared affection. Aren’t dogs wonderful?

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