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When A Stray Dog With Puppies Moves Into The Residence Of Another Dog, The Owner Is Shocked By What He Finds.

A middle-aged woman’s beloved dog lives on an empty lot near her apartment complex in Seoul, Korea. She gave him a dog and chained him next to it because he was not permitted inside the building. She also regularly walks him and feeds him.
She discovered her dog, Soondol, standing outside his house and something moving inside it one day. When she looked closely, she found another dog and four puppies.
She was surprised that a stray dog had taken over her pet’s home. Even though she knew her dog was loving and friendly, it seemed strange that he didn’t seem to mind the intruders taking over his bed and house.
The pups appeared to be several weeks old based on their size. As a result, they were almost certainly born elsewhere and brought here by their mother.
Soondol was a long shot to be the father. He never leaves his owner’s side. She’s also never seen the other dog in their area, so they can’t mate.
Soondol has assumed the role of a stepfather? It was a possibility.
Soondol was also really helpful to the family. He didn’t mind when the puppies and their mother, a woman named Ippeuni, ate his food. The puppies have taken over his bowl after a few bites.
The scenario was becoming increasingly perplexing to the owner. So she decided to find out what was going on.
Ippeuni didn’t look like a stray. She had a collar on and seemed to be in good health. So, the woman walked around their neighborhood with the dog’s mother. She saw that the community had only one other dog-owning home, and their dog was also present. Furthermore, no other stray male dog appeared to be in their vicinity.
As a result, the situation grew much more complicated.
She then decided to get a DNA test to find out the truth. Unfortunately, it was discovered that her dog was the father when the results were in. However, they were all a family, so perhaps the female dog appeared in the middle of the night.
Everyone was thrilled when they upgraded to a larger dog home.

Source and picture: Zoo Land

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