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An Elderly Couple Finds A Sick Homeless Dog And Cares For Him For Five Years, But He Never Lets Them Touch Him Even Once.

A family once had a dog named Bokdung. When he became ill, they decided to abandon him on the streets. They got rid of him because they didn’t want to spend money.
For a while, the dog wandered around, looking for help. But as the days passed, his condition deteriorated, and he was soon in so much pain that he refused to allow anyone to touch him. Finally, he became wary of people and refused their assistance until an elderly couple worked their way into his life and heart.
Bokdung was skeptical of his new mother and father but took a chance on them. And before they knew it, he was completely healed and back at home. The thing was, he never really opened up to them.
For five years, the dog never let his mom or dad get too close to him, let alone touch him. The closest he stayed by their side was three feet away. He had grown to love them but didn’t fully trust them, so he kept his distance.
Grandma, Bokdung’s mother, is more than willing to look after her dog. But she couldn’t attend to his needs, such as bathing or taking him to the vet, because she couldn’t touch him. As a result, an expert was consulted.
Bokdung’s rehabilitation began under the supervision of an animal behaviorist. He initially observed his mother playing and being affectionate with another dog. He was perplexed and a little jealous, so he gave it a shot and discovered that human touch does not always mean harm.
Bokdung no longer flinched when his mother attempted to touch him. He remained motionless. And as Grandma repeated the same action, he realized that head and neck scratches felt good.
Grandma was delighted to be able to touch Bokdung finally. Even Grandpa was thrilled when he finally gave their dog some belly rubs. It was enormous and signaled the beginning of a more joyful life for all of them.

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