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When A Golden Retriever That Is Also A Service Dog Gives His Mother Some Juice, He Is Telling Her That Her Blood Sugar Level Is Low

Korey is a Golden Retriever who lives with his type-1 diabetic owner. The pet is a diabetes service dog, and by being present for his master, he provides companionship and care.
When the dog recognizes her blood sugar is low, he instantly goes to the refrigerator and retrieves a juice bottle. He’d then take it to his human mother.
Korey would tap her on the shoulder until she drank her juice, and this is the type of encouragement and love we all require. The devoted pet would only leave mom once she was well enough.
Nobody knows the bond between a dog and its owner quite like a diabetic. Simply ask them how their assistance dogs have saved their lives.
The majority of individuals with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes have moments when they genuinely doubt their ability to endure this debilitating condition. We’re sure this mom did as well.
Korey, fortunately, is one of the best service dogs around. Mom emptied a cup of sweets on the floor for her good boy to enjoy.
Our Korey brought back memories of our parents’ adoring ways. If you’ve ever had difficulty controlling your blood sugar, consider adopting a service dog like this.
Golden Retrievers are people-pleasers. They are typically and frequently employed as service dogs for persons with disabilities such as diabetes. That is because they can detect when their human is on the verge of a diabetic attack. This Golden Retriever demonstrates his affection by ensuring his owner drinks her juice to stave off an assault.
We cannot express our gratitude enough, Korey! This anecdote highlighted how devoted dogs could be to their owners by utilizing their extraordinary senses to save humans. May we all have animal companions as awesome as this dog!

Source: BVIRAL

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