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When A Deaf Guy Adopts A Puppy Who Also Has Hearing Loss, It Seems Like A Match Made In Heaven.

A six-week-old puppy named Emerson had a difficult early life. He had the K-9 Pappa virus, which is fatal to dogs if not treated, and hearing issues.
On the other hand, Emerson’s life improved when he was rescued from the streets and met the man who would help him realize his dreams.
When he and his siblings were discovered on the streets of Florida, the dog was already having seizures. His rescuers, the NRF Maine, a dog rescue organization, rushed him to the vet clinic, where they discovered he was deaf.
The group posted a picture of the dog on Facebook, hoping he would find a forever home.
Except for Emerson, all of his siblings had been adopted previously. However, Nick Abbot, a 31-year-old man with a hearing impairment, saw NFR Maine’s post and immediately fell in love with the dog. He suddenly realized, right then and there, that he was the perfect pet for him.
When Nick arrived, Emerson greeted him cheerfully, walked up, and sat at his feet. They’ve gotten along and understood each other well since their first meeting. It was like a dream come true for both of them.
He enjoyed learning sign language from his new owner. Emerson learned two basic commands: S, which stands for “sit,” and a sweeping hand motion across the chessboard, which stands for “lay down.” But, so far, the cutest command is when Nick reaches up and shakes his earlobe, signaling Emerson to bark.
Emerson is a well-mannered, intelligent, and well-trained dog adored by Nick’s mother, Richelle, and the rest of the family. Aside from that, he is always eager to please them and is open to new experiences. As a result, he, like other dogs, deserves his entire family’s love and affection.

Source:?Good Morning America

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