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A Wonderful Dog Aids in the Rehabilitation of an Autistic Boy

When Connor, a two-year-old boy, was diagnosed with autism, his parents realized they would face numerous challenges in providing him with a happy and fulfilling life.
Trish and Eoin O’Neill, Connor’s parents, had to deal with many waiting lists and closed doors. Getting their son accepted into a school was also a difficult task. But on the other hand, the couple never gave up hope and tried to give Connor a life as close to a typical adolescent as possible.
One of the couple’s main concerns was the child’s lack of fear or awareness of danger. So, the parents decided that getting an assistance dog would be the best option for keeping their child safe, especially when he was outside their home.
After obtaining a trained dog, the couple watched their son’s life change.
Queda, the family’s Labrador Retriever, proved valuable and indispensable from the moment she entered the house and their lives.
Queda proved her worth on the first day she was taken for a walk with Connor. The youngster became restless as they approached a playground, but Quelda remained firm and allowed Conor to be restrained by the attachment line around his waist.
Trish claims that since Quelda joined the family, things have begun to improve in their lives.
Trish found Connor an appropriate school after having a negative experience at his previous school. The young boy had previously felt lonely but was now in a good mood because he had found a good companion in the form of Quelda.
Trish’s happy tears streamed down her cheeks as school officials informed her of Connor’s outstanding progress.


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