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Two Off-Duty Animal Control Officers Assist With The Rescue Of An Injured Stray Dog On The Freeway

Eldad Hagar knew he had to rush to the scene of a stray dog running down the 110 freeway as soon as he heard about it. He is the founder of Hope for Paws, a rescue organization, and he knows that if no one takes the dog off the street, he will most likely die.

Eldad arrived at the location and parked his car at a gas station close to the dog’s last known area. He had no trouble finding the dog because some of the people in the gas station pointed him in the right direction. Eldad dashed to the spot where the dog was walking in the middle of the highway.

The brave rescuer dashed up to him, but as he got closer, he slowed down. He didn’t want to frighten the dog any further, causing him to take the freeway’s busier section.

Off the clock

As he approached, a black car came to a halt in one of the lanes, just ahead of the dog. As another truck passed by, they moved to the side. The dog moved from the middle of the road to the parked car’s side due to this. Eldad tracked down the dog, who was hiding his head beneath the vehicle.

The driver and passenger exited their vehicle, each holding a gentle snare. Unfortunately, both of them turned out to be off-duty animal control officers. They cornered the dog, leaving him with nowhere to flee.

Eldad was able to secure him with a leash around his neck. Next, he attempted to walk the dog back to his car, but he refused. As a result, he had to carry the large pit bull to his car.


They discovered he had a large infected wound under his neck when they returned to their facility. Unfortunately, he appeared to have gotten into a fight with another dog, and his injury went untreated.

The gentle pit bull, now named Tyrion, remained in their care until he was fully recovered. Then, after only a few weeks, he was placed in a foster home.

Tyrion has adjusted well to his new surroundings and has begun to emerge from his shell. They’re on the lookout for a loving family to adopt him, and he’ll hopefully find his forever home soon.

Source: Hope for Paws viaYoutube


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