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Overseas, a Marine Saves An Injured Dog And Returns Her To a Loving Home

US Lance Corporal Tommie Johnson’s departure from Eastern Europe has been postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Due to the delay, the soldiers, including Tommie, were put under undue strain.

Tommie’s fellow marines, on the other hand, discovered six abandoned puppies by the side of the road one day.

The puppies were about six months old at the time and appeared to be in bad shape. One of the puppies has an injury, according to Tommie’s memory. Because his hip and leg show signs of fracture, the dog could have been hit by a car.


Tommie is one of the marines stationed in Krtsanisi, Georgia. In this location, the temperature can drop to below zero at times. As a result, Tommie and his fellow marines must look after the puppies’ well-being.

So, their attention was diverted to caring for the puppies, and their spirits were raised. Each of the six puppies developed a strong bond with a police officer within a short period. Tommie gave the puppy the name “Blessing” after becoming attached to it after it was injured and Tommie became attached to it. The dog’s name is “Survival Dog” because she miraculously survived.


Tommie wants to bring the dog to the United States because of his attachment to it. There is, however, a law prohibiting dogs from being transported to a marine’s home country. This made it difficult for Tommie to achieve his goal of bringing Blessing to the United States.

However, Tommie discovered that a group could assist him in this regard. The Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program helps military personnel transport animals with whom they have formed a bond while deployed.


Tommie kept in touch with them after learning about this organization and told them about Blessing. When a marine asked for his dog to be brought to the United States, the organization acted quickly to accommodate him.

But it wasn’t just Blessing who got this kind of recognition. This is because the other five dogs were also given the same benefit as the first five. Tommie expressed his gratitude to the organization and stated that he would remember this until the end of his life.


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