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This Young Man Wrote A Letter In Which He Expressed His Love For His Dog.

A toddler and a dog have one of the purest types of companionship. There is nothing that compares to the purity and goodness of their relationships. It’s something that parents like seeing.
Joey, a little child, has a Bernese mountain dog double his size. They act like brothers and sisters and do virtually everything together. He adores his dog so much that he composed a letter expressing his feelings for her. This letter contains the bulk of the items stated below.
Joey was determined to become his dog’s best buddy when he learned he was getting a dog. Tilly, the dog, was nothing but pleasure for him. One of his favorite things about the dog is chasing her when she takes something. So Joey would track Tilly down, a massive smile on his face.
Joey enjoys snuggling with Tilly because she feels like a giant pillow to him. When he’s seated next to her, he always laughs out loud. Even though Joey is tickling the dog, he can’t help but smile.
During the winter, the two closest friends frequently went outside and played in the snow. Joey enjoys manufacturing snowballs and flinging them toward Tilly on such occasions. She also wants it and adores catching everything the male tosses at her.
Inside the house, Tilly is known as the sock thief. They had a mugshot photo of her as a running gag in the family. So Joey thought of dressing up as a sock monster for Halloween. This demonstrates how well the family knows her and treats her as a part of the family rather than a pet.
Almost every action Joey performs with Tilly is thrilling for him, no matter how routine it appears to others. It’s natural for a child to have such unconditional affection for a faithful dog. He and Tilly are fortunate to have each other.

Source and picture: The Dodo via YouTube.

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