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This Is A Rescue Pittie Had No Idea How To Be A Dog Until She Met A New Friend, And Then Everything Changed.

When Iris, a rescue Pittie, first arrived at Philly Bully Team, a foster-based bully-breed rescue group, she had no idea what she was doing. She didn’t understand why she had to be at the rescue center and had no idea what would happen to her. So she just stood there staring around and didn’t say anything.
The rescue facility was not a suitable location for Iris to reside, so she was immediately put in a foster family. Lauryn, her foster mother, recognized the sadness and bewilderment in her eyes the instant she came. Her recovery began at that point.
Iris spent the first few weeks in the yard. She refused to enter the home, but Lauryn left the door wide to let her know she could come in whenever she pleased. She approached the door, stuck her head in, and walked away multiple times during the day.
The dog had no idea why she had to stay inside. She had yet to learn what the sofa was for or how comfortable blankets might be. She also didn’t grasp what tenderness was and was perplexed whenever Lauryn embraced her.
About a month later, Iris eventually met Max, her foster dog sibling. She had no idea how to make friends, so she sat and gazed at him. Fortunately, Max understood what to do. He waited for her to be ready to engage and play.
Iris advanced swiftly with Max’s assistance. She started playing, performed zoomies in the yard, slept on the couch, and learned to walk politely on a leash. He assisted her in becoming the dog she was, and she was pleased and thankful to have met him.
Hundreds of adoption applications for Iris soon flooded in. Everyone was examined, and Matt and Jacki, a couple with their dog Clio, were chosen as the happy recipients. They were ecstatic about her from the minute they saw her.
When Iris got home, the first thing she did was get on the couch. She also jumped on the bed and slept on it at night. She discovered how much fun a dog’s life can be and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Credits and picture to Instagram@Iris?and?The Dodo

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