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This Dog Would Rather Wander Around The Beach Than Stay At Home For A Reason.

Some dogs prefer to explore the world outside of their own home. Unfortunately, these dogs are frequently misidentified as strays. To make matters worse, strangers often assumed the dogs were being abused. However, just because a dog goes outside does not imply its living situation is terrible.
Doll, a fluffy dog, is frequently seen wandering around a beach. He enjoys interacting with people and gratefully accepts food from them. It’s easy to think of Doldol as a stray, but nothing could be further from the truth.
The doll is owned by a couple who also own a restaurant. His owners are lovely people. They let Doldol roam free because he becomes depressed when he is restrained. His owners say nothing makes their dog happier than interacting with people.
Doll rarely returns home. The owners are constantly busy preparing meals for their restaurants. As a result, the dog prefers to run outside where people can play with him. This, however, means that he is always at risk of being taken away by people who mistake him for a stray.
The owners were given a particular item to remove the risk of having a free-spirited dog. It was a dog shirt with a message written on the back. The doll is not a stray dog, his name is given according to the message. This way, anyone who sees him won’t get the wrong impression.
People whom Doldol frequently visited responded positively when he wore the shirt. They finally found out what the dog’s real name was. They were also relieved he wasn’t a stray dog in an unfortunate situation.
The owners can relax knowing that Doldol will always return to them at the end of the day. Not every dog owner can or wants to be in this unique situation. However, for Doldol and his owners, it is the best setup they could ask for.

Source: SBS TV Animals via?YouTube.

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