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Thanks To Her Foster Mom, A Pregnant Rescue Pit Bull Who Was Terrified Of Everything, Transformed into the best mama dog.

Fostering a rescue dog entails saving a life. It frees up space at the shelter for other dogs in need, and the bred dogs learn what it’s like to be a part of a family. They know how to trust as well as how to love.
Brie, a woman, fostered a pregnant rescue Pit Bull on Valentine’s Day. Valentine was an apt name for her. Valentine was cautious and terrified of Brie when she first entered her home. She couldn’t even raise her head to meet Brie’s gaze.
Brie found it heartbreaking to witness Valentine’s anguish. She had been through so much pain that she was terrified of interacting with people. So Brie began by feeding her dog biscuits to gain Valentine’s trust.
Valentine was hesitant initially, but everything changed when she took a bite of the cookie Brie held. Valentine quickly realized Brie could be trusted, and Valentine began greeting Brie with a tail wag over the next few days.
Valentine gradually opened up to Brie, and Brie made sure Valentine was as at ease as possible. She prepared a room for Valentine to give birth in and lavished her with all her required attention. Valentine took three weeks to open up entirely, but it was all worth it.
Brie stayed by Valentine’s side when she went into labor. Valentine eventually gave birth to six adorable puppies. Brie and Valentine began to bond. Unfortunately, all of Valentine’s puppies also smote her. Brie had to give the puppies away to their new forever homes and families, which was heartbreaking.
On the other hand, Brie offered Valentine a loving forever home. So Brie took Valentine in, and the two became inseparable. Brie now films Valentine’s journey and uploads them to TikTok, where Valentine shines brightly like a star. Here’s a touching video of Valentine’s transformation after being fostered by a wonderful woman.

Video and picture Source The Dodo via YouTube

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