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This Bulldog May Look Tough But Is Actually A Sweetheart Who Loves Cuddling With Kittens

At first glance, bulldogs may look tough and aggressive. But Pickles, the bulldog in this story, will prove you wrong. He is actually a softie and loves to cuddle. What makes him more adorable is that he doesn’t mind cuddling with kittens.

Pickles is a former shelter dog who had recently bonded with two kittens, namely James and Jacobi. The kitten brothers are a pair of orphans who found themselves at Alley Cat Rescue which cares for homeless stray cats. The rescuers share that the pair were quite sick but still the sweetest little guys they’ve ever seen.

Considering what the duo has been through, it makes sense that they are tightly bonded. During their younger days in the streets, they only had each other to comfort and cuddle to. This was also true during their recovery and their time at the rescue shelter. Rescuers share that they are always cuddling.

Aside from loving each other, they also loved people and dogs. However, the furry brothers had never met a dog like Pickles, who looked scary and about to eat them up any time.

Fortunately, they realized that Pickles was a gentle dog who loved to cuddle – even with kittens like them. Pickles was kind, patient, and very nurturing. The dog didnt really mind having the kittens crawl all over him. Moreover, he was always ready to be cuddled to share his body warmth.

James and Jacobi are best friends. Having Pickles join their group made it extra special.

Two weeks later, the kittens were adopted and taken home with their forever family. The rescuers share that they were so happy that the brothers get to live in a beautiful home without being separated. They get to spend the rest of their lives together.

Isn’t this a heartwarming story? Well, it also reminds us not to judge a book by its cover. Pickles may look like a bully, but bulldogs can actually be the perfect foster dog parent.

Watch how Pickles fosters kittens in this cute video.

.Source: Love Meow via Youtube

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