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This Abandoned Senior Dog Gets A Job At A Gas Station.

Nego is just one of many stray dogs in Brazil. Nobody knows anything about his previous owners, as is typical of strays. The only thing anyone knows about him is that he liked to stop by the Mogi das Cruzes gas station. Despite it still being under construction, he made it a point to go there every day for some reason.

Sabrina Planner and her partner noticed him loitering around the area around that time. She went around, concerned, to inquire about the dog. She was told that his previous owners had abandoned the dog. She decided to accept the dog into her home after hearing this.

The Planner and her colleague took Nego to the vet to have him examined. The vet dewormed and vaccinated him after running some tests on him. They took their new pet home after they finished at the clinic.

When the gas station finally opened, the employees contacted Planner. They told her about their plan to hire Nego and provide him with an official ID uniform. The fur mom agreed because she thought it was a great idea.

When Planner showed him his uniform and ID, the dog was thrilled. When he wore it on his first day of work, he was all smiling. What made him smile even more was seeing the staff who had been so friendly to him when he was still hanging out at the gas station.

They then appointed Nego as the official store greeter. He adored it, mainly because he was constantly showered with pats on the head and treated by the customers. In addition, some people would go to the station to give him toys.

When he wasn’t working, he and his coworkers would go for walks around the neighborhood. When his shift is done, he’s off to spend time with his favorite human in the world: his fur mom.

Credits and pictures to Grupo FERA

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