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These Pair Of Dogs Lived Together For Two Years Before Being Rescued

After rescuers were sent to the rescue center of Los Angeles by a man named Edgar, JoAnn, and Katie from Hope for Paws, two pit bulls came to the rescuing center.

For over two years, Edgar said the two were homeless. For the two dogs, life was complicated. Some of the neighbors of Edgar were cruel to them, and a neighbor wanted to make the woman breed for puppies. Nevertheless, Edgar cared for them and became so close to them that it was difficult for him to let them go for some months. He knew, however, that the way the neighbors treated the dogs would be best.

Edgar brought the dogs to both of them. The woman pit bull warmly welcomed the saviors as her partner had been nervous and timid. The female pit bull enthusiastically accepted this when JoAnn and Katie gave them burgers, but the other dog was too cautious even to bite.

In fear of being too attached, Edgar did not name the dogs, so instead, the rescuers named them George and Irene. He ran away when the rescuers came to George. The dog just calmed and allowed the rescuer to leash on him when Edgar was over.

George and Irene had just given up an emotional Edgar after a few minutes. Both dogs were showered and medically checked in the rescue center. Sadly, George had bone cancer diagnosed. But George’s life had been saved by the operation thanks to donations, and his leg had to be amputated. Nevertheless, Irene was all that he needed at his side, and all was better.

Both George and Irene undergo rehabilitation and training to prepare for adoption. A lovingly caring family, who will fill their days with love, care, and happiness, are still waiting for the loving pair.

Images fromHope for Paws.

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