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A helicopter overflies a mountain: at the site of an abandoned bulk, the pilots head down immediately

During a training flight on the cost of Inverness, in Scotland, the helicopter pilot and the rescue team in it noticed a furry bulk amidst the mountain and felt they had to check that out and act fast.

Very curious, the team looked down closely and realized the bulk was actually a dog in the snow freezing up.

Clearly, the dog was terrified and showed severe signs of hypothermia and urgent help was needed. The rescue team did not doubt provide that immediate help and headed down to assist the needy creature.

One of the rescue members immediately rappelled down, calm down and took him back to the helicopter.

When they landed, a vet checked the dog and then his family got located. They were all worried. The dog, Ben, had gone for a walk and had not come back so the family had reported him missing.

The rescue process seemed like an action movie and it was shot as such by the helicopter camera. Bens rescue was upload later to YouTube. Its worth checking it out!

Source YouTube / Kstenwache Inverness

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