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The Dogs That Helps With Groceries During The Pandemic, Zeus

Zeus helps with groceries during the pandemic. Learn who he is!

Zeus became famous during the pandemic in his hometown, in Ecuador. He is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever. During the pandemic, his owner stays home and the dog does the grocery shopping.

Freddy Mera is his owner. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, he did his grocery shopping with his dog. The pet carried the basket in his muzzle. The pandemic caused a sudden change of habits, including grocery shopping.

I’m going alone !!!

Nowadays Zeus goes grocery shopping on his own. His owner stays home.

golden retriever

Freddy also taught the dog to keep social distancing even at the store. People tried to buy Zeus.Freddy says the dog is family and he is not for sale. Sadly, there have been two robbery attempts on Zeus.

Zeus goes to the bakery and even to the butchers!

His video is very popular nowadays.

Everyone celebrates the love and mutual protection between the owner and the pet.

The most frequent comment is Our pets are the best. Their love is unconditional



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