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Is Home Hygiene Compatible With Puppies?

Puppies and home hygiene do seem incompatible at times. Puppies need to learn habits such as peeing and pooping in one spot. Some learn fast; others do not.

Dont feel guilty if yours is not a fast learner. Be patient and trust you will get there! If you patiently build a habit through daily walks, you will get there.

But How Do You Get There?

Do not start teaching them the first day you go out with them. Do it rather on the third or fourth day. Then you can start with their education.

Lets choose a time and keep it day after day. It may be early in the morning or after breakfast. After your puppy wakes up from their naps or after they have eaten, which may be the most suitable time!

bathed puppy II

You will notice your puppy may want to wait to go back home to do it because they are not used to doing it outside. Heres a trick that may help: make your way back home and when you are about to go in and you notice they actually want to get in, run back and go back to the place you have chosen and remember to place a piece of cloth or paper with their smell of pee or poop.

They may be ready then so they will have no other choice!

If they do it in the correct spot, do not hesitate to give them a treat and reward them. They are set for a good start and this should be clear to them. Show them you are happy!

In any case, even if it seems difficult, do not give up. Keep in mind the learning curve may vary and not until they are four months old, they are mature enough.

And not keeping a fixed schedule may be detrimental to their emotional and developmental growth. You do your part and they will do theirs!


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