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The Acid Test, Difficult, But Necessary, Before Adopting a Puppy, You Must Know If You Are Ready.

Are you ready to have a dog?

The number of people who bring a dog home with the same carefreeness as if they bought a soft drink is surprising. They let themselves be carried away for the moment. This is never good, especially if another living being is involved.


Ask yourself why you feel like having a dog.

I propose a litmus test, a visit to an abandoned animal shelter. As soon as you enter a dog shelter, the temptation to adopt will be great. You will find how the dogs go to their kennel’s fences, begging for a few seconds of attention.

You will see them of all sizes, colors, races, short hair, lake. Hundreds of beautiful faces will look you directly in your eyes, trying to make one of them the chosen one.

You will see how they push each other to receive a caress; you will also see the plea for affection in their eyes, the need they have to be hugged and loved, to become part of a family again. Can you imagine what will happen if in a few years?

It is a very evil thought. That is why it is so crucial that you consider if you can assume the responsibility of having a dog before the adorable face of some puppies calls directly to your heart.

dog waiting

Dont think about anything anymore.

Too many animals in all countries are initially loved and then neglected or abandoned. Their owners discover, too late, that caring for a pet is a greater responsibility than they can or want to assume.

Dog ownership is a big step that affects your lifestyle for many years. So before buying or adopting a dog, think about whether it is right for you and him.

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