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Sweet Pitbull Assists Foster Sibling In Finding The Perfect Home

Hopalong Animal Rescue fosters Thom McCallum. He’s helped a handful of pets find their permanent homes and hopes to help many more. He has a tremendous heart for shelter animals, and his dog Ruby is no exception.
Ruby was also Thom’s foster mother. She was meant to stay with him until she was ready to go on and begin a new life in her permanent home. Instead, her foster father fell entirely in love with her since she was so kind and gentle, becoming his foster fail.
Thom and Ruby have a fantastic friendship. They participate in many things together, such as hiking and vacations. But if there’s one thing they genuinely like, it’s assisting other dogs in finding new homes.
Thom’s most recent foster was Pi. She’s a tripod dog that came to the shelter with four other puppies. She needed love and caring, and Ruby provided both.
Ruby was captivated by Pi. She welcomed her into their house and was willing to assist. She wanted to play with her, but her new foster sister needed time to settle in.
Pi eventually began to warm up to Ruby. She started playing with her. They were inseparable after approximately a week. So naturally, Pi mimicked whatever Ruby did.
Thom didn’t know how to separate the dogs once Pi found her new home since they were so in love. It would be devastating. So, he had an idea and began looking for a house in their area.
Thom didn’t have high aspirations, so he was surprised when he received a call from a couple who had just moved into their neighborhood. They already had a tripod dog named Roux and wanted another one. Thom felt they were perfect.
When the couple first met Pi, they instantly fell in love with her. Roux welcomed her new brother home as well. They were ideal, and everything worked out well.

Credits to?Thom McCallum

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