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A Goldendoodle Falls 200 Feet And Survives With Only A Broken Leg.

Accidents may happen to dogs as well. Though we do all our power to keep children safe, certain things are unavoidable and part of life. Fortunately, certain dogs are so strict that they can withstand everything.
Simba, an Arizona Goldendoodle, enjoys going on excursions with his humans. He is a happy dog that likes exploring new areas and experiencing beautiful scenery. Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona is one of Simba’s favorite locations.
Simba traveled to the canyon with his human father, Wesley Wallace, and a buddy one weekend. Simba raced off the granite wall and plunged 200 feet down. They reached the top of the cliff and took in the breathtaking view.
Wesley was frozen and unsure of what to do. He immediately informed his wife, Ruth Wallace, of the dreadful news. They continued down the cliff, seeking for and screaming out Simba’s name. Wesley and his pal had no idea what to anticipate but continued hoping to find their doggy.
Wesley was able to locate Simba before the darkness descended! And, to his astonishment, he was awake and aware. Unfortunately, he appeared to have fractured one of his legs, but they were relieved that he had survived the 200-foot fall. Wesley and his friend transported Simba to the nearest animal hospital together.
Simba needed surgery to repair his damaged leg. Unfortunately, the dog may take some time to recover entirely from his injuries. On the other hand, his humans are delighted that their pet Simba is still alive.
Ruth couldn’t believe it at first, but she was happy to learn that Simba had been located and merely had a fractured leg. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing Simba, who was like a kid to them. It was a miracle that the dog survived, and his owners will be eternally thankful.

Video Credit:?Inside Edition

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