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Surrendered By Her Owners, A Two-Year-Old Dog With rare cancer receives cutting-edge treatment.

Unable to provide their pet with the necessary care, a Texas family surrendered their dog to a local shelter. Bliss, the dog, had a growing tumor on her skull. It was a rare case that necessitated much money to treat. Yet, even with the treatment, there was no guarantee of success.
Bliss was an obvious candidate for euthanasia due to her condition. When Friends of Emma Medical Rescue learned about her, they brought her to their medical and critical care facility in Fort Worth.
They initially believed the dog’s condition was terminal. So, they were prepared to provide hospice care and a comfortable and happy life for the dog. Or what remained of it.
But, after a battery of diagnostic tests performed by their veterinarian, they discovered that, despite the tumor, Bliss was in excellent health and showed no signs of neurological problems.
Their plans were quickly altered. Instead of abandoning her, they sought ways to extend her life. The group’s founder, Elizabeth Hart, conducted extensive research to find the best treatment plan. She would even take Bliss to multiple vet consultations.
Elizabeth could locate an Ontario surgeon who agreed to perform the surgery. Next, the dog underwent advanced imaging technology analysis to understand what they were against clearly. Finally, they needed to prepare for the complicated surgery.
Aside from that, they contacted an Australian company that specializes in medical-grade custom 3D printing. Next, they needed to replace the bone that would be extracted from the skull.
In addition to the numerous procedures, Bliss will be subjected to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Bliss’ journey will undoubtedly be lengthy and costly. Fortunately, she has a large number of supporters.

Source: Friends Of Emma Medical Rescue via?Facebook

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