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Found Very Sick In An Abandoned Land, Undernourished, a Puppy Is Rescued From Certain Death And Now Is In Need Of a Loving Home.

Rescuers from Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia go out on the streets from time to time to see if theres a homeless animal in need of help. While they are willing, able, and ready to always extend a helping hand, they wish to find none. But often, they end up helping or rescuing an innocent soul.

Milan Stojanovic and Dejan Rokic search through vacant lots, abandoned properties, open fields, and grasslands regularly. And one day, while they were out, they stumbled upon a sick stray dog that obviously had a difficult life. Without hesitation, the rescuers pulled over to help the pup.

As Milan got closer, he realized the dog had a severe skin condition. The poor animal lost so much hair, and his skin was raw and itchy. He also had hundreds of ticks on both ears.

Milan and Dejan agreed to take the dog home with them. They named him Summy. At the rescue center, Summy received medical attention, and the vets revealed he had Demodex mange.

Summy quickly received treatment for external parasites. And for the next few days, the rescuers administered meds for his skin disease. Summys condition was unimaginable, but hes brave, and he started to recover in only a matter of days.

Two months after his rescue, Summy seemed to have been replaced by a completely different dog. His beautiful black fur grew back. And hes no longer the sick, sad pup the rescuers found on the street.

Believed to be about a year old when found, Summy is an incredibly young dog that deserves love. He is sweet, gentle, and friendly, and will be a perfect addition to any family who will open their home and hearts for him. Summy suffered in his past life, but hes more t than ready now for a new beginning in his forever home.

Credits to Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia

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