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Puppy Survives A Blunt Force Trauma To The Head And Recovers On His Feet Three Days Later

A dog named Zora was discovered unconscious by the side of a major intersection. People who first saw him assumed he was dead since he was nearly lifeless. However, Marija Momirovic, an independent rescuer, was summoned to the site after a Good Samaritan noted he was having hard breathing.
Marija drove for over an hour to get to Zora’s house. She carefully grabbed him and placed him inside her car once she called him. She hurried him to the local emergency vet.
The rescuer mistook Zora for a homeless dog injured by a car. After all, wandering animals are prone to getting into mishaps. The terrible reality was revealed when the vets finally got the opportunity to examine him thoroughly.
Zora was not struck by a vehicle. Instead, he was intentionally injured by being smacked in the head. Perhaps someone disliked him and wanted to get rid of him.
The dog, who was just a few months old, was unconscious. He had internal bleeding, and surgery to save his life was not an option. All the vet could do was give him IV fluids, pain relievers, and other medicines to help with the swelling in his brain. After that, it was entirely up to him to live.
He was in critical condition, and the veterinarians had no idea when or if he would wake up again. Surprisingly, Zora opened his eyes on the second day of his therapy. He was so feeble that he couldn’t keep his head up, yet he ate with assistance. He rose and walked again on the third day.
Marija maintained a close eye on Zora at all times. She cared for him and ensured he had all he needed to recover. She noticed his will to live and supported him throughout his healing process.
Zora was back on his feet about a month after his rescue. He was able to walk and move freely again. He demonstrated that he is a genuine fighter and that no aspect of life can knock him down.

Credits to?Marija Momirovic?and?Stray Paws

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