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Meet Strudel, The Dog That Lost Nearly Half Her Weight Through A Strict Diet And Exercise Regimen.

A Virginia dog is now a living example for anybody seeking to be active and healthy.

Strudel is an obese golden retriever who lost her additional weight by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. It was challenging at first, but her efforts eventually paid off.

The dog was sent to a Virginia animal shelter when her owner died. She weighed 80 pounds then, about double the weight of a typical golden retriever. Her weight is concerning, and if it is not treated quickly, it may cause health problems.

Hearts for Hounds cared for her until Wynn and Kristen Horton arrived to adopt her. Strudel’s new family enrolled her in Virginia Beach’s Zoom Beach exercise program. It is a dog training center that also offers other health-related services.

Strudel had his first lesson in June. The trainer began with a thirty-minute training session. According to the training facility’s owner, Strudel is an extraordinary dog who does not require continual prodding to perform any activities.

The dog appreciates new experiences and spends much time running and playing. She has already shed 54 pounds since beginning her training program this summer. Cottages agreed to try his utmost to bring the dog back in condition as soon as possible.

Strudel is progressively improving, according to Wynn. She also stated that the dog was more active and enthusiastic than usual. It’s as though she’s changed into a whole new dog.

The dog goes to agility classes once a week. She also takes joint and thyroid pills daily. Strudel’s weight reduction journey became viral, and many people congratulated him on his accomplishment.

Anyone looking to begin reducing weight viewed the dog as a motivator. They believe that if Strudel can accomplish it, they can as well.

Credit and picture: Inside Edition

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