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Hero Pit Bull Saves A Struggling Boy From Drowning In Deep River

Canines have no clue when they become heroes because of their bravery. Brave dogs who save lives deserve recognition, whether or not they know it.
Max, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bulldog cross, is one good example of a brave canine.
While Pit Bulls are usually criticized for being a “Bully breed,” this adorable pup displayed how sweet they can be by saving a kid from drowning. If Max hadn’t gone to help, the boy would not have survived.
Beaches are uplifting places, particularly for dogs that enjoy swimming. One morning, Rob Osborn and Max were sunbathing on the river’s sandy edge in Port Noarlunga, Australia, when they saw a kid stuck in the pickup truck.
When Osborn saw the kid in trouble, he planned to swim out. But then he spotted Max’s eagerness to save the boy, so he yelled at the puppy while pointing to the drowning kid needing rescue. Max jumped into the river without second thoughts and did what was asked of him.
Max paddled out to the drowning kid, wearing a stylish dog life jacket. Osborn then encouraged the child to call Max and grab the life jacket’s handle. The kid was terrified, but he was in good paws.
As the dog paddled back to shore, the kid held on to the adorable pup. The boy appeared to be unharmed but noticeably disturbed.
Unfortunately, the child and his mother left before the news crews arrived. They were probably eager to get home as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Osborn hopes they can find a way to contact them to make sure that the child is safe and well.
Max deserves every award in the world for his bravery. Hopefully, his heroic act will show the world that all dogs, including Pit Bulls, can be excellent friends and even heroes.
Watch the heartwarming video below.

Credits: 7NEWS Australia

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