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Heiress Offers Private Jet When Airlines Refused To Transport Two Dogs Saved By A Marine Staff Sergeant In Afghanistan

After Marine Staff Sergeant Andrew Morales completed his duty in Afghanistan, he returned and brought two valuable souvenirs from his tour.

The kind soldier rescued a couple of Anatolian Shepherds he found while on a routine patrol. He suspected that the dogs were part of a litter used for dogfighting. They had a lot of old injuries, and their tails and ears were brutally clipped. From then on, he cared for the poor animals and kept them with him in their camp.

The dogs, Wyatt and Dusty, made Andrew’s stay in the war-torn country easier. And when it was time to return to his family, he couldn’t leave them behind.

Part of the family

Andrew reached out to several animal rescue groups, and fortunately, one of them helped him transport the dog to California, where his family was staying. His wife quickly fell in love with them and treated them as her babies. According to her, Wyatt and Dusty completed their family.

Everything was going well for the happy family until Andrew was re-stationed to a military base located in North Carolina. The couple had already gotten used to moving around, but they had two dogs to bring with them this time. They bought the dogs their tickets and thought that everything would be fine.

When moving day arrived, they were dismayed that the airline refused to carry their pets as they deemed them to large. They tried other airlines, and all of them refused as well.

A private jet

Andrew again contacted the rescue organization that helped the dogs get to the US. They made a plea online for anyone who could help. Then, a good-hearted woman named Helen Rosburg responded to their call for help.

Helen is a heiress of a rich family that owns a candy manufacturing company. She is also a dog lover. When she heard the family needed help, she immediately offered her private jet. Arrangements were quickly made, and soon after that, the grateful family was in their new home.

Source: kyle horan via Youtube

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