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Freezing Puppies Abandoned In The Middle Of Nowhere During Winter Get Rescued By An Amazing Man

Winters in Bulgaria can be bitterly cold. Located in the middle of Europe, Bulgaria is mountainous and gets a lot of snow during winter. Bulgaria is a small country in Europe, but there are many dogs here that their owners abandon. Many of them are dumped in the mountains.
Thankfully, an animal rescuer named Robert Altermoser has made it his mission to find and rescue abandoned dogs all over Bulgaria. Ever since Robert started rescuing dogs, he has saved countless dogs and found loving forever homes for all of them. One of Robert’s most memorable rescues was for a litter of puppies that were abandoned in the middle of the mountains during a heavy snowfall.
Robert was appalled when he saw the puppies wandering in almost a meter of snow in the mountains. He knew the puppies didn’t stand a chance against the cold weather. Robert knew that he needed to act fast to rescue the puppies. The heavy snowfall caused almost a meter of snow to pile up over the tiny makeshift shelter in which the puppies lived.
Robert found and rescued nine puppies that would have surely died if they hadn’t been rescued. The night after Robert rescued the puppies, the temperature plummeted to 14 degrees. It was freezing, and Robert knew the makeshift shelter would have kept the puppies warm.
After the puppies were rescued, they were taken to the veterinarian to get checked. Thankfully, every one of the nine puppies was healthy. The puppies were vaccinated, and Robert took them back to his animal shelter, where they lived until they were adopted. The puppies were all in good spirits when they arrived at the shelter. They were happy that they had a warm home to stay in and a lot of space to play.
The puppies were playful and instantly bonded with Robert’s dog, Katy. All of the puppies soon got adopted and went to their forever homes. Thanks to people like Robert, unwanted dogs in Bulgaria finally get a second chance to become part of a family. Here’s a video featuring Robert’s rescue of the nine abandoned puppies and how he gave them a second chance to be happy.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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