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Dog Waited For Weeks In An Empty House After His Family Abandoned Him

Our fur friends are known for their loyalty. However, some do stand out when showing their faithfulness to their owners.
Meet a two-year-old boxer mix named Freon. His family abandoned him in an empty home after they moved to a place that didn’t allow pets. The poor pup was alone inside the house for more than a week.
The property’s landlord found out about the abandoned dog and called an animal shelter, Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Along with other rescuers, Donna Lochmann, the shelter’s chief life-saving officer, responded and went to save him.
Upon seeing the rescuer, Freon, who had no name, had no idea how to react. He had not seen anyone for weeks. Lochmann saw the dog on a landing.
Despite being alone, the pup survived for almost two weeks, all thanks to bowls of food somebody had left behind for him. There was also a supply of water to keep him hydrated.
Lochmann went ahead and put a leash on Freon. To her surprise, the pup made no objections, as if he knew he was finally safe.
Lochmann said the dog was a bit hesitant at first. However, it didn’t take much convincing for Freon to follow the rescuer and walk out the door when Lochmann used some sausages to coax him.
When Lochmann and Freon got in the vehicle, the dog pushed his face against the vents of the car’s air conditioner. And that’s how he got his name. He liked having some cold air on his face.
And when the rescue dog arrived at the shelter, he stole the hearts of everyone. At the shelter’s clinic, Freon received some medical attention. And there, he kissed everyone, even when he received his shots.
So, when the dog fully recovered, he got adopted shortly after. Now, he does not only have a forever family; he has a dog sibling as well.
The staff members are happy that the rescue dog is thriving in his new home. Finally, he can put his past behind him.
The staff expressed their love for Freon upon announcing his adoption on a Facebook post. Hopefully, his story will remind people not to abandon their dogs when they can no longer care for them.

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