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Bulldog Met A Butterfly And Instantly Became Friends

Muffin is a gentle bulldog owned by Ashley Schoon. Ashleys always happy with Muffin around.

On one sunny afternoon, her day with Muffy was turned into something more special. This is all thanks to a lovely visitor.

So out in the park where they usually spend a couple of hours, Muffin met a beautiful monarch butterfly. It seems to want to just say hi to Muffin.

However, when it landed on Muffins face, it triggered her uncontrolled excitement and noise. She was somehow very confused at what was suddenly on her face.

Muffin didnt seem to know what to do and how to react. She is normally calm but that day and that butterfly really made her go nuts.

Well, Muffin did calm down and just allowed the butterfly to perch on her belly. She just stayed and laid flat on her back to allow the butterfly to stay where it is.

Although Muffin wasnt very sure what was happening, she knows that the butterfly is delicate. She knows she needs to be very gentle with it.

The butterfly just stayed on and was on her chest too. Muffin was very curious and wanted to take a closer look at the butterfly.

When it started to fly away, it seems like it wasnt ready to leave yet so it landed on Muffins chin. It was Muffins chance to see it up close.

Ashley said that Muffin knew she has to move very gently to not scare it away. Muffin was still on her back while the butterfly was on her chin.

She was trying to look at the butterfly without making big movements. She looked so funny while she was doing that.

Ashley thinks that because of Muffins personality, the butterfly became comfortable. They have mutually connected and calmed down.

It was really something that you would not see daily. She shared the photos and video she was able to capture in her Twitter account and people loved it!

Source: Twitter

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