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An Almost Blind Dog Became Hero By saving His Owner From Dying During a Fire At His House In Copielemu.

Juan Suazo was the victim of a fire at his house in the BioBo region in Chile. His house caught fire due to an electrical failure.

A dog was the hero of a tragedy. His name is “Batalln”. He rescued his owner from the flames.

The pet pushed his owner out the window and guided him through the exit to be able to escape from the flames.


The man narrated that the dog pushed him out the window where he was trapped and guided him out. They are both together after earth’s wake in 2010 when the dogs vision got affected for which he received treatment for 6 months.

Exequiel Suazo, Juans brother, died during the fire. Exequiel had arrived eight days before. He had come from a nursing home in Hualqui.

Juan understands the Coelcha electrical company is to blame for the fire due to failure in the electrical supply which became a frequent problem for the area.


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