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Foster Mom Gives A New Life To A Dog Who Had Been Tied To A Tree For Half A Decade.

Holly was well-known in the community for rescuing and fostering stray pets. Holly set down her work and drove to the location of a dog that had spent his entire life chained to a tree.

Getting to Know Halo

Halo was a five-year-old dog who had spent his entire life chained to a tree. He was in an area where the living conditions were appalling. Aside from the rubbish being only a few meters away, he just had a tree to protect him from the elements.

Halo seemed pleased as Holly approached the dog and ran up to his rescuer. Halo allowed Holly to come to him and pet him despite his state, as though he knew he was safe.

Holly was relieved to see the dog have faith in her. It made retrieving Halo a lot easier for her. So she put a new leash on Halo and cut the old rope attaching the dog to the tree.

The journey to a house that will last forever

Halo seemed apprehensive about being in an unfamiliar setting. He couldn’t stop himself from racing in circles all around his new home.

Holly intended to foster Halo and assist him in finding him a forever home. Given everything Halo had been through, she realized she had to be patient.

Halo had finally cooled down after a few days. As he became more at ease, Holly decided it was the right time to introduce Halo to her second dog, Bonzai.

Bonzai and Halo became fast friends. The two dogs spend their days playing with their toys and running around the yard.

Halo came out of his shell and evolved into a more playful yet gentle dog thanks to Bonzai. Holly was astounded at how far Halo had progressed in just a few weeks. She was so captivated with Halo’s ability to fit into her tiny family that She decided to adopt him and make him a part of her family for good.

Credit: The Dodo

Picture: Pixabay


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